Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Primary State Champions

This years K-3 team traveled to state and scored a 15.5 out of 16 to win the third straight team championship for Grahamwood.
Front Row: Abbye Friedman, Keertana Subramaniyan
Second Row: Vedant Prakash, Jake Du, Saumil Bansal, Manish Rangan

Now its time to get ready for Nationals in Nashville.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

State Finals.

Jonathan, Randy, and I  took the teams to state this weekend and had a great time.


Competing in their first ever state team event, the kids played as hard as they could. We had 4 third graders and a first grader playing  in the K-6 section. Over the course of the day, we won 1 game and drew 3. Great results  for less than 3 months of their hard work.


Primary finished with a perfect score of 4 and 15.5 out of 16 and won the state title for the third year in a row.
Elementary won the first 2 rounds and then had to play both of the top teams. We split with both and finished with a score of  3. We finished in third place.

White Station Middle School

Junior High was shorthanded and battled as hard as they could. They won the first three rounds and then just came up short in the last one. They finished with 3 out of 4 and received second place.

White Station High School

The High School team finished with 3.5 and after a speed round won their 5th straight team championship.

So overall, we finished with 2 first, a second, and a third. Great job by everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beginner Tournament

Pictures from the beginner tournament this weekend.

Tournament Standings

1. Walt Spickler
2. Sobenna Egwuekwe
3. Adam Grisham

State Championship Results

This weekend was a great weekend for Region 4. Players from West TN won 3 of the 4 sections, and finished 3rd in the other.

2012 Tennessee State Individual Finals
Region 4 in bold

No. Name        
1 Bansal, Saumil   
2 Satheesh, Saharsh  
3 Wu, Logan 
4 Chandra, Dhruv
5 Rangan, Manish   
6 Goco, Joshua Valen
7 Williams, Max
8 Smith, Colin
9 Zhang, Franklin X
10 Campbell, Harrison

No. Name  
2** Campbell, Joshua A
1 Pao, Lucas
3 Kouch, Joshua  
4 Bowling, Michael R
5 Zhao, Shijie "Jack
6 Cao, Kevin
7 Barrett, Bowen Alt
8 James, Cydney M 
9 Illukpitiya, Binul
10 Rotz, Michael  A 


No. Name
1 Friedman, Max Asher 
2 Hoyos, Jordan
3 Li, Angela
4 Xue, Albert
5 Fu, Jason
6 Sharpe, Kyle Andre
7 Burgess, Carter
8 Zhang, Alvin
9 Qin, Alexander Cha
10 Vogt, Gretchen


No. Name  
1 Vogt, Nathan****
2 Marsh, Corry L**
3 Sorensen, Andy 
4 Kumar, Vikas
5 Sharpe, Trevor
6 Neglia, Salvatore
7 Knowles, Chase 
8 Weishaar, Luke
9 Carrillo, Oscar
10 Kurupassery, Neel

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greater Memphis Open 2

6SS, G/120 (Open & U1600).  Site: Greater Memphis Chess Center, 5796 Shelby Oaks Drive Suite 11, Memphis, TN 38134. 
Round times: Fri 7pm, Sat 9-2-7, Sun 9-2. Optional 2 day with round 1 and 2 as G/60 9-11:30 and merge. 
EF $45 before 2-20-12, $55 after and onsite. GMCC and MCC members $40 anytime. USCF Youth and Scholastic Players may enter either Section to compete for no prize money for $25 anytime.  Re-entry after round one: $25.
Guaranteed Prize Fund: Open: 1st $250, 2nd 125, 3rd 75, Top U1600: 1st  125, 2nd  75, 3rd  50. 
Special U1000 Scholastic section. 4 round G/1. Entry fee: $15. Round times: Sat 9-11:30,2, 4:30. Trophies to top 10. 
Onsite Registration:  Friday 2/24: 5pm-6:30pm,  Saturday 2/25: 7am-8:30am.
Tournament Director: Gary M. Pylant,  901-359-8616. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pictures From Memphis K-12 City Championships

Some of the Grahamwood Kids now in Junior High and High School
Deepu, Jay, Tian, Sreemanth, Sarthak

Henry Yu from PDS working on notation.
Logan Wu versus Saharsh Satheesh.  

Peabody Elementary player Rueben Dailey. Rueben finished with 3 points and won top Unrated trophy.

Sobenna Egwuekwe from Peabody and Anya Vadayar from Grahamwood playing in the Primary Novice section.

I have more and will update them soon.